How To Cancel Discovery Plus On Amazon Prime

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How To Cancel Discovery Plus On Amazon Prime. Now choose your account from the subsequent list. Scroll and select ‘discovery plus’.

Can I Change My Primary Profile on Discovery Plus? TechNadu from

Select ‘subscriptions’ on your account page. That will turn off payments and will cancel your subscription once. You'll now have to go through the process to confirm you're canceling your discovery plus account.

Scroll Down And Choose Other Subscriptions From The List Below.

If your subscription was made via ios, you’re going to have to turn to your iphone to cancel discovery plus. Press the star button on your remote to open the options menu for the desired. Select ‘subscriptions’ on your account page.

You Will Continue To Have Access Until The End Of The Free.

How to cancel discovery plus on amazon. Scroll down and choose other subscriptions from the. Tap on the cancel subscription and now discovery plus subscription will be cancelled.

Now Choose Your Account From The Subsequent List.

Launch the ‘settings’ app on your apple tv and select ‘users & accounts’. When prompted, confirm for the same. Find the subscription you want to cancel.

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If you've subscribed to discovery plus via your apple tv, you can definitely cancel it the same way. Select ‘subscriptions’ on your account page. How to cancel discovery plus on amazon prime drift hestia bloger from

Your Active Subscriptions Will Be Mentioned Here.

Go for subscriptions and scroll down to discovery plus. Select the banner image for. Once you find discovery plus, tap cancel on the screen.

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